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About Adverting 

An advertisement is a short feature, usually used in media for launching and promoting a product or a service. It is a way to bring the attention of the people as often as possible to the product or a service that is intended to be sold.

The more often people notice an advertisement, either by seeing it or hearing about it, the stronger the correlation of the product becomes for the brain. This affects the buying decisions for people.

In fact, advertisement and promotion are influencing the purchasing decisions of the customers and so the biggest determinants for sales.

Ways to advertise

  1. Word of mouth: Like the dominoes effects, word of mouth promotion is a very effective advertisement strategy. People trust a person’s testimony more than any other medium.

  2. Banners, flyers and brochures: These are effective ways to make people aware of the products since it catches their attention even for a few seconds.

  3. Radio: Catchy jingles or attractive phrases are used to get attention.

  4. Newspapers, magazines: Advertisements consume a substantial amount of space. Eye-catching colours, attractive visuals, models appeal to the senses.

  5. TV, Film: popular or primetime programmes attract the most advertisements for exposure to maximum audience. Again, using persuasive language in the feature, high entertainment value and appealing visual is the methodology used, often accompanied by catchy jingles.

  6. Internet: frequently visited webpages make a popular space for advertisements, especially along the margins.

What attracts attention?

  1. Repetition: The more often one sees an advertisement, the higher likelihood it has of becoming a familiar brand name or product.

  2. Attractiveness in terms of visuals, tunes: Advertisements that appeal to a person’s senses are likely to stay in his memory longer and recalled faster.

  3. Persuasive language: Advertisements use persuasive language to influence the target customers by making them feel the need to experience the product or the service.

  4. Solution or goal: If an ideal solution or goal is portrayed, it is bound to catch the eye and remain in the mind for a long time.

  5. Advertisement is an essential part of sales and more the advertisement more is the likelihood of influencing the customers to buy your product or service.

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