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Small Business of Nevada

2021 Digital Magazine Advertising Rate Sheet

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" It's better to reach the people who count than to count the people you reach ©

The price plan does not include Ad Designing. Please Note you Ad must be ready and size to your order.
  • 2 Full pages             $325.

  • Full page              $175.

  • 1/2 Page               $120.

  • 1/3 Page              $100.

  • Inside Front           $450.

  • Inside Back          $410.

  • Back cover           $150.

Payment> Payment in advance is required for all advertisers to secure advertising space. No barter. Accept checks and credit cards. Policies> The Publisher reserves the right to revise, reject or omit without notice advertising which does not meet requirements as specified. All advertising copy is subject to approval of the Publisher. All advertising which simulates editorial content must be marked "Advertisement" at the top of the ad. Important> All original slides, photos, stats, negatives, veloxes and film given to CSS Publishing for the construction of an ad or designed by, will be considered the sole property of CSS Publishing and thereby protected by copyright © laws. Liability> Advertiser assumes full and total responsibility for any and all claims arising from advertising printed by Publisher, and agrees to defend and hold Publisher harmless.